Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My definations

Website Designer - helps you to determine the page layout, graphics, text location and colors of your site, as well as the navigation and how pages will cross-link to one another. He may also do the actual computer programming and graphic art work for the site, or may hire out that work to a programming specialist. A Website Designer is the project manager for your site design.

Website Programmer - takes the design from the Designer and creates the code to make the site run. She is also responsible for all the technical stuff that happens behind-the-scenes to make sure the site works properly for your visitors.

Graphic Designer - creates the graphics for the site, including page layout, colors, etc. Think of this person as the "visual artist" for your site.

Internet Marketing Consultant - helps you to determine how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy, and how to get more traffic and sales from your website.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Taking A First Step In Web Design

Every web site needs a good web design and in fact there is so much competition of web design that people are ready to pay best price to make sure that their web sites are attractive as well as easy to use.
So if you have an eye for good design and you are comfortable with learning new technologies then you can make a good living designing websites for various clients.
To become a web designer you need to be able to know all these things:
1. You will need excellent communication skills in order to promote your website design
2. You will need to keep abreast of emerging web technologies and be able to implement them as
3. You should be able to demonstrate your skills with current web design software.
4. You should have some working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a bit of scripting.
5. You should definitely be artistically inclined or know some people who can create great
6. And it obviously helps if you know Photoshop, Flash etc.

If you can tick all the boxes and are confident that you have the knowledge of all these things, then one of the first things you will need to plan your own website to get you started in the web design business. If you can put together some client testimonials these will definitely increase your conversions.
You will require a good content for your web pages. You can either hire and SEO Company to increase your search engine visibility or you can spend your time (some months) to optimizing your website.
If you open your own web Design Company or you are a freelancer than you will also need to consider the more mundane housekeeping items, such as:
1. Local advertising and marketing (formulating a marketing strategy).
2. Stationery pack including letterheads, compliment slips etc.
3. Setting up a business bank account.
Now, to the important stuff - what do your clients expect from you as a web designer?
1. Great designing abilities.
2. Ability to create pleasing color themes.
3. Writing W3C compliant code and possibly no errors.
4. Knowledge of manipulating graphics and images * Working knowledge of JavaScript and other
Scripting languages.
5. Exceptional service.
6. Transparent communication.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Add music to your workflow to improve result

Almost all of us listen to music. We listen at home, while working, on the subway, while driving, while running. Yet many of us don’t think of music as much more than entertainment. Did you know that you can use music as a tool? With the right music, you can increase effectiveness, create better stuff more easily, get into your creative zone quickly and kick-start a productive day. Add music to your workflow for better results.